Professional Liability

With over thirty years of litigation experience, we are dedicated to the representation of professionals and offer a wealth of experience to individuals in negligence, malpractice, and misconduct actions for the legal, accounting, architecture, engineering, medical, and insurance industries. We vigorously defend actions and proceedings against professionals arising out of their professional practice. Many of the matters involve professional malpractice which accuses the professional of deviating from the standard of care, but can also include claims for breach of contract, defamation, commercial torts, intentional torts such as fraud, conspiracy and illegal acts, and claims based on regulations of professional conduct. Our attorneys also manage, monitor and participate in collateral proceedings involving criminal investigations and prosecutions, administrative proceedings, and professional licensing proceedings which may impact the claim litigation. 

Our attorneys have represented numerous clients in medical and nursing malpractice cases, with an exceptional success rate. We have handled the most serious of cases involving complicated matters of law and medicine including high exposure and catastrophic injury cases.  In addition, we have counseled medical and other professionals, helping to insure that they are in compliance with their obligations and licensing requirements.  We has represented individuals and corporate entities in many contexts, including investigations conducted by regulators, criminal investigations, professional disciplinary matters, civil malpractice suits and in negotiations and suits arising out of entity dissolutions.

We counsel fellow attorneys who have had disciplinary actions or complaints filed against them with the disciplinary board. We understand the extremely sensitive and confidential nature of these matters and the seriousness of the situation. We can help you whether you are:   

          •An attorney with a disciplinary board complaint against you

          •An attorney with a client security fund claim against you

          •A formerly-admitted attorney seeking reinstatement

          •A bar applicant facing a character or fitness issue 

We often lecture clients and others on legal and regulatory developments in the area of professional liability. Because of our strong commitment, we are frequently retained as personal counsel by professionals seeking advice regarding the representation by other law firms with regard to claims asserted against them. We handle all such inquiries with the utmost discretion, as the consequences can be dire.  Disciplinary actions can disrupt a well-established career by resulting in suspension, termination, license revocation, denial of a job or promotion.  Any one of these consequences can change how you earn your living or live your life.  Our attorneys have fought for the rights of licensed professionals for over 30 years.