Insurance Law

We combine our knowledge of insurance coverage and the industry with our trial and litigation skills to represent insurance policyholders, carriers, risk retention groups, and insurance professionals in complex federal, state, and administrative matters. We also seek to maximize our clients’ return on their insurance investment, both during policy procurement and after claims are made. We pursue substantial insurance recovery claims of all kinds, and our attorneys’ experience and readiness to pursue claims through trial significantly enhance our ability to achieve early settlements.   We have substantial experience represting individuals and entites in bad faith litigation.

Our lawyers utilize their expertise with all commercial and personal lines of insurance, including life, health, environmental, errors and omissions, directors and officers, general liability, fire, property, homeowner’s, auto, and specialty and surplus lines coverage. We have also assisted numerous clients with insurance transactional matters, including performing insurance audits for entities of all sizes, communicating and negotiating with insurance agents and regulators, drafting policy language, and a wide variety of other unique insurance transactions.

Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys handle everything from complex multi-party cases to rather straightforward two-party disputes. We utilize our trial and litigation strength to identify pressure points in coverage disputes to aggressively present the strongest case for our clients, including the assertion and defense of bad faith claims, and are uniquely qualified to handle large, complex claims involving insurers. From the initial pleadings, through discovery to dispositive motions and trial, we maximize our client’s position by identifying the strongest arguments to force a settlement or take a strong case to trial.

Insurance Transactions

We advise corporate clients by assisting with insurance procurement, auditing insurance programs, advising on claims filing and assessing risks associated with pursuing a denied claim or reservations of rights. We are experienced in working with insurance brokers to identify potential problem areas in proposed policies, and we can assist in negotiating policy issues with underwriters. We also conduct insurance audits for individual and commercial clients, who have found that the advice provided by attorneys well-versed in insurance litigation issues, but who are not trying to sell insurance products, is uniquely valuable in structuring their own insurance coverage and making purchasing decisions. We thoughtfully assist our clients in preparing insurance claims and drafting claim documents, in order to maximize their recoveries, which sometimes may only be resolved through the filing of a lawsuit, an administrative complaint, or both.