Family Law - Divorce, Support & Investigations

Family law matters, including separation, divorce, support and custody, are major decisions in any person’s life. We assist our clients through this difficult process, while making every effort to preserve and, in some situations, enhance family relationships. Our lawyers take a proactive role in resolving disputes, and we have significant experience in handling matters involving sophisticated financial issues. While we have decades of experience in the courtroom litigating cases, we increasingly assist clients through alternative forms of dispute resolution and other out-of-court processes, including collaborative law, cooperative law, and mediation.

Proactive Resolution of Disputes

Divorce, and related issues of custody and support, can be complex, frustrating and costly. We often work with individuals to achieve the most cost-effective result. With regard to high profile and high net-worth individuals, including senior business executives, leading professionals, and other prominent community leaders or their spouses, clients often have complex financial and business arrangements that require the drafting of a premarital or marital agreement. Our attorneys will also ensure that a premarital or marital agreement meets all legal requirements and accurately details the parties’ understanding. We also handle the valuation and tracing of assets, executive compensation and benefits matter, tax planning, and structuring complex support arrangements.

Responsiveness and Professionalism in a Time of Need

Regardless of how simple or complicated the asset and property division, our firm is dedicated to providing sound legal advice to all of our clients seeking practical, well-informed guidance in a time of need. We strongly believe that how a case begins is a critical factor in determining how it will end. We work with our clients at the outset to carefully consider all approaches that will best achieve their goals and the result that is in their long term best interests. Because we recognize that our clients call us in a time of great personal need, we bring immediate responsiveness and the highest level of professionalism to our work.