Appellate - Civil & Criminal Appeals

We combine exceptional skills and talent with extensive litigation experience, having adjudicated all types of matters in federal and state appellate courts, to effectively represent our clients on appeal.

Civil and Criminal Appeals

Our firm briefs and argues appeals, both civil and criminal, in numerous state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Federal District Courts, and the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Appellate Courts, to simply name a few. We have also been called on to litigate appeals in cases that were initially handled by other law firms. The highly unique circumstances of challenging or defending a civil judgment or a criminal conviction require exceptional skills and expertise, which the firm's attorneys provide our clients at every stage of the appellate process.

Successful Appellate Advocacy

Because our attorneys are well versed in appellate intricacies, we know how to navigate a case effectively, and efficiently, through the courts. Our firm works collaboratively to develop the most persuasive arguments on behalf of our clients, which are always thoroughly researched, carefully written, and powerfully delivered.